The Big Roundup

It’s been a whirlwind of a couple of months! The highlights:

My short story, “Extant” was published in the anthology What FollowsI really enjoyed writing this story, and really wish I had another month to work on it. I’ve been told that this is all part of the writer package: you always think of just one more thing you could tweak even after it’s gone out. I confess to being a horrible anthology mate to my co-writers since I haven’t had time to actually read the rest of the stories. But that is all because of that whirlwind I mentioned before.

I attended my second World Fantasy Convention in November. It wasn’t quite the magical thing that my first one was, but I did get to meet most of my online writing group in person. There were shenanigans, and whiskey, and a really inappropriate game of Cards Against Humanity. And some panels. And meeting and chatting with other writers. And I think I made my first real pitch to an editor, and totally didn’t realize it until after the fact. Mary Robinette Kowal hosted a meetup for those writers who have taken classes from her and that was delightful. Except for the screaming. Yeah, that was a thing.

Also in November, it was NaNoWriMo! And that was a beast. I won (50,001 words!) but I think this will be my last one. I do not expect 70% of what I wrote to actually make it into a final manuscript. I think NaNo has served its purpose for me, and my focus has to be on steady writing year-round, and not just one massive effort in November that leaves me drained for the next two months. Still, I got an excellent early draft of BloodKin kinda sorta fleshed out. I wrote two short stories, and am finishing the third one this week. I’m learning more about Scrivener, and happy to say I won a secret contest that I’m really delighted about.

I’m taking a workshop on short short fiction with Carrie Cuinn (started that on November 15th). I have mixed feelings about it so far, mainly because I have had zero time to really engage with the classes or the other writers. I also think that the online-only approach has its drawbacks; there are ways to do ‘face time’ engagement even over long distances. I hadn’t realized just how much depth and flavor that can add to a workshop. (ooh, now there’s an idea – what if humanity, because of some kind of biological/climate thing really is segregated and limited to face-to-face interactions mainly through tech. hmmmm….)

I also cleaned my office. And this weekend, I’m planning to re-organize my kitchen. I get gold stars for everything! (no, really, I have a post to make about gold stars but that’s for another time.)