QOTD: 03/24/2014

Because life offers a kind of writing advice you just can’t read about – it’s something only you can experience. Like dropping acid and fighting your totem animal for control over the little man that pilots you.

– Chuck Wendig


I am finding that I have all these little rituals when I sit down to write. 

I can’t write with a messy desk. This is generally a problem because my desk is usually messy, but I’m finding that even taking 15 minutes to clear it off makes all the difference in the world. 

It took forever to find the right notebook for jotting things down in. 

I futz around with playlists to get just the right mood going… and then usually end up with Pandora playing after all. 

I love writing in a group. My writer’s group have done a couple of online write-ins and they are just grand in all the ways. 

I love writing alone, especially when the words are coming so freely that my eyes are closed, my head is cocked slightly to the side and I am just … listening. Becoming the channel.